Add/Remove Liquidity (ServeSwap)

Link to the ServeSwap pool page:

  1. Click "Add".

2. Find the desired liquidity pair, for example, SERVE-USDC, and enter the amount.

3. Click "Approve SERVE" and "Approve USDC"; follow the instructions to approve both tokens.

4. After the "Approve" transactions are completed, click "Confirm Adding Liquidity".

5. You will receive some amount of the LP tokens on the same page once the transaction is completed. You can also find LP tokens in the Metamask wallet by importing LP token address (SERVE-USDC: 0x331ad6a9372d09d6ecb19399cda6634755c4460b).

The above example shows 19.16 SERVE-USDC LP tokens.

5. To remove the liquidity, follow the following guides.

Go to the Pool page and the LP that you want to remove; click "Manage":

Click "Remove":

Enter the percentage that you want to remove; click "Approve" and then "Confirm Withdrawal":

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