Metavice Intro

Metavice is a multi-chain service network for Metaverse, dedicated to developing decentralized services and generating universal basic income (UBI) for everyday people through developing decentralized financial platforms and services, without the need for interference by intermediaries.

SERVE is the native token of the Metavice network. SERVE set its goal across multiple chains and in an ecosystem of passive income aggregators, to become a DeFi platform (ServeSwap), a decentralized service provider (ServeDAO), and a multi-chain ecosystem.


Lower fees

ServeSwap is one of the products of Metavice. ServeSwap runs on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin.


Unlike centralized exchanges, ServeSwap doesn't hold your funds. You have 100% ownership of your tokens, and you can trade directly from your wallet.


Yield Farming

Stake Liquidity-Pool (LP) tokens to earn SERVE.

Staking Pools

Stake SERVE to earn free tokens.

Earn Trading Fees

Like other AMM decentralized exchanges, you can earn trading fees when you stake your tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs).

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